Traditional telecom voice services still play a large role in today’s communication’s world. TTM has years of experience implementing the right provider for your business needs.  We will assist in provider selection, pricing options, contract negotiations and project manage all deliverables as a service of sourcing through our company.

TTM is a single source solution provider for all your traditional voice service’s needs. Talk to us today about how the following products can work for you:



A PRI provides business with digital access to the PSTN. While PRI is usually associated with only voice transmissions, it is capable of transmitting data, video and faxes as well.


POTS Line Aggregation

Typically, multi-location companies have multiple service providers across many different markets for their POTS line inventory. Wouldn’t it be easier to deal with one provider for all your lines? One supplier, one bill and one contract is the end result to this solution.  TTM can provide just that!



The adoption of SIP and converged network services create tremendous value and easier execution for IT. The representative cost savings of a converged migration have been driving the rapid adoption of SIP trunking. We can assist by putting a case study together to determine cost savings and the requirements to make the change.


Toll Free Service

Toll free service is a core component of many successful enterprises. It creates a critical contact point with your customers, delivers quick transactions, efficiently resolves complaints and can be a key revenue driver. TTM understands the mission-critical nature of toll free services, and delivers a toll free origination product that matches your enterprise demands.