Software Defined - Wide Area Network

SD-WAN solutions is a technology that can provide greater benefits to you than you currently receive from MPLS at a fraction of the cost. If your company was impressed by MPLS but did not adopt that technology for cost reasons, now is the chance to get those same benefits but at a much more palatable price.

However, the SD-WAN market is a fluid and evolving market (as are many IT products). Knowing the best providers at any given moment along with their strength of offering and current market conditions can be challenging to a potential customer. Most providers typically sound like a great fit when they make their sales pitch, right?

That’s where we come in.  We’ve been in the business of helping our customers make better-informed decisions on Telecom, Cloud and IT spend for over 12 years.  We’ve completed over 50 migrations to corporate SD-WAN solutions across 15 providers in recent years.  TTMUSA is passionate about helping customers find solutions for their particular need.

Basics of SD-WAN

At the core, SD-WAN solutions gives the ability to navigate the most optimal paths of bandwidth and change links to distribute application load for efficiency and speed.  In the event of an unplanned outage, SD-WAN can route traffic to a redundant path to keep operations going.

Displacement of MPLS

SD-WAN gives the option to displace expensive multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) networks that many businesses utilize. Unlike an MPLS connection, using SD-WAN allows businesses to opt for cheaper network link options like LTE, Broadband and Fiber Internet.  Because MPLS connections are more expensive, using SD-WAN in conjunction with less costly connectivity such as LTE, Fiber Internet (10mbps to 1G) allows for customers to receive the same benefits of MPLS at a reduced cost. Among those are the ability to route traffic based upon application load and priority, redundancy, and to utilize multiple large connections of varying protocols.

Corporate SD-WAN solutions is also a strong fit for the enterprise moving to a multi-cloud environment. Providing visibility and assurance of user experience into key cloud providers such as AZURE, AWS, 0365, and hosted UC providers has become a major tipping point for the adoption.

Application Acceleration

One of the main benefits of SD-WAN is to prioritize Application Traffic. With so many applications moving from on-premise deployment to the cloud, SD-WAN gives you the tool to prioritize which traffic is most important. For many, their CRM (Customer Relationship Management, such as or ERP (Netsuite, Oracle, etc.) are the highest priority and giving those applications greater regard is paramount to success.

Cost Minimizing

Aside from SD-WANs’ abilities, its lowered cost is a major selling point for most companies. If you use a traditional WAN now, you’ve likely seen your WAN costs accounting for around 10% of your entire operative costs.  Now you’ve seen that the SD-WAN can do everything your WAN can, but what if I told you it could potentially shrink your current costs up to 50%?  Case studies have shown at least a 40% cost reduction, varying with MPLS ratios and with different SD-WAN products—our graph below serves as a visual demonstration to show you what that looks like.

SD WAN Solutions / Corporate SD WAN Solutions

The Bottom Line

SD-WAN is smart, quick-thinking, and cost minimizing, and can be an option for you.   But fortunately (and unfortunately), the SD-WAN market is increasing at a fast rate.  Your best deal may be even harder to find, which is where we come in. We at TTMUSA are passionate to take your unique needs and use our expertise to get you exactly what you want.  If you’re still fence-sitting about SD-WAN solutions or have other questions, let the experts take a quick look in a consultation.

What Is SD-WAN? (2:22)