Audit, Optimize & Transform

We guarantee to save you money on your company’s cloud and connectivity costs. At no cost to you, TTMUSA will sift through your existing services looking for ways to save you money.

Sourcing & Bid Management

Receive multiple bids on MPLS, SIP, VoIP, Ethernet, Security and Cloud from an independent expert. Our volumes ensure the best rates, provider rankings, and ongoing TTMUSA support.

Professional Services

We have all the tools to ensure your technologies are optimized and executing for your business. Our team of experts work with your team, partners, and providers to ensure the greatest outcomes.

TTM adds value to client organizations by reducing technology expenses, increasing budgets and paving a strong, resilient IT path for growth. To get there, we leverage our relationships with more than 200 IT and telecom partnering vendors, negotiate contracts on your behalf, design and deploy the right networks for you, pinpoint and manage breaks in your system, and more.

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Technology Transformation’s processes are based on years of working with our clients to bring the most value to your business.

Here’s what we’ve found:

  • The service is important but the people executing the service are even more important
  • Understanding how the service supports and affects your goals and business drivers is critical
  • When you partner with TTM you are working with vendor relationship holders who have years of relevant experience
  • We have the ability to tailor the process to address your unique challenges, concerns, and frustrations

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About Technology Transformation Management

TTM delivers IT & Communications solutions and services that help organizations execute on their strategic goals. Our focus? Every business is unique, so we start with listening to the needs of our clients, and then exceed those needs in every way. We leverage our knowledge of the industry and the technology that supports it by building relationships with the best people. When we know you, you have the power of those relationships, too.

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